My name is Philip Naff and, for better or worse, I live in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The better part is that I live closer to Kentucky than I have ever lived before; the worse part is that Indiana isn't Kentucky!' ;-).


Genealogy and local history research have been two interests of mine for the past three decades now.  When I began to look into my own family's past in Harrison County, Kentucky in 1992, I didn't know a whole lot about genealogy, how to research or document one, or where to look for the records that would answer my questions.


My first genealogy day trip was to the Indiana State Library's Genealogy Division.  I went looking for my 2nd-great-grandfather, one Beresford Fitzgerald Aylmer.  It turned out that he was my only 19th century immigrant ancestor, all the others got here long before he did.  But being a "late-comer" didn't make him any easier to find.  In fact, he turned out to be the most elusive of them all.  And not knowing much about how bad old record keeping could be, I actually found him listed in some passenger lists, but I didn't know it.  He was recorded as a she and of the wrong age, so I dismissed the entry altogether.


Harrison County is a little far away for me, and to make the most of each research trip to  Kentucky, I found it necessary to copy a lot of material so that I could have the information within easy reach at home for future reference.  A friend, who knew of my obsession, invited me to compile and index of county marriage records for a small website I had created.  Initially the site was just a little place online that I could use as a personal research resource while away from home, the end result being an archive of information for anybody researching Harrison County.


I hope that you can find something of what you are looking for in trying to fill in those blanks in your family tree.


Happy Hunting!


Philip Naff

Indianapolis, Ind.


Website creator and editor of HarrisonCountyKy.US

Staff writer for the Harrison Heritage News,

     monthly newsletter of the Harrison County (Ky.) Historical Society

Recipient of the 2007 Kentucky Genealogical Society's Outstanding Service to Genealogy Award

Member, Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels (Since 2007)



The Kin Hound

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HarrisonCountyKy.US is an easy-to-remember web address that will get to my site for Harrison County, Kentucky, which is designed to be an aid in the genealogical and historical research of the county and its people.


You may never have heard of Harrison County before, or of its county seat, Cynthiana, but the county is located just north of Lexington, about an hour's drive away, and almost just as far from Cincinnati, Ohio, if you don't mind speeding a little!


Quite a few items have already been posted to HarrisonCountyKy.US, but the site still has room to grow, and I hope to continue adding to it over time.  Some of the information, references, or materials may be located elsewhere.  However, there are and will be quite a few unique items to be found there and nowhere else.


To keep up with new items posted to HarrisonCountyKy.US visit my blog, The County Line or my Twitter account of the same name.


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This site is also host to the online presence of the Harrison County Historical Society.  When you get there click on @TheSociety to read about all the "goings-on" or look at the Calendar of Events to learn what is planned for any of the twelve monthly meetings that the society holds each year (Every third Thursday of the month).  Make the society a special part of your life by making this the year you decide to join!


If you haven't seen them before, or just want to read the fine articles by local historians George Slade, Bill Penn, Harold Slade, and other authors and experts again, or if you would like to learn all about the other historical happenings of Harrison County, then you must read the award-winning Harrison Heritage News.  Archived issues of the Harrison County Historical Society's monthly newsletter from early 2001 through 2013 are now available online.  Just click on Harrison Heritage News to begin your trek back in time.


In addition, William A. Penn, editor of the newsletter and author of a newly revised history of the battles of Cynthiana, has lent several of his literary efforts for posting to the site such his 1995 Civil War history Rattling Spurs and Broad-Brimmed Hats about Cynthiana and Railroads in Harrison County, Kentucky by George Slade which he edited.




www.BooneCountyKy.US is the younger sister of my site for Harrison County.  Offerings are limited now, but it may be worth a visit.  Keep watching for new additions in the near future. 



The Genealogy Box

Since 2007 a special supplement, published nearly every other month, has been added to issues of the Harrison Heritage News.  Entitled The Genealogy Box, its goal is to bring to light all of the genealogy and local history resources that are available for research, both online and in person in Cynthiana and at other resources.  Each issue basically serves as a research guide to one particular topic, in as much as any two printed pages can.  News of recent genealogical events, features at this site, and other items of interest are also included.


With the publication of nearly three-dozen issues, now seems a good time to commemorate the event and so all of those which have been published are being posted online for the first time.  Just click on the link to begin your learning experience with The Genealogy Box.


Do you need any of the five volumes of Harrison County marriage records which are available?  Then check out the details and make out an order for some of these fine publications.



www.TheKentuckyRoom.com (Under Construction)

If you've ever had to get in your car, take a bus, fly in a plane, or just plain "hoof it" to get somewhere in Kentucky to do a little local or family research the old-fashioned way, then you've probably been in a "Kentucky Room" somewhere.  Most local libraries have such a room, a place full of old books and microfilms, a place where all the family and local historians and the genealogists congregate, no matter how far or how long it takes to get there.


Nowadays, thanks to the internet, every researcher can rest his bones a bit more; travel is no longer required.  The internet lets your fingers do the walking.  TheKentuckyRoom.com is my place to meet for all those fingers which have a mind to do so.  It is my place on the Web for local history and genealogy in Northern Kentucky and the Bluegrass, focusing mostly on Boone and Harrison Counties . . . some places in-between . . . some here-and-there . . . and a few which were just lost in time . . .



Questions or Suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the sites listed on this page or about genealogy or local history research in Boone or Harrison Counties, please contact Philip Naff, the website's creator, and he will see what can be done to answer your queries or to improve the site.